Greenwood Lake Airport


Photo Courtesy of Highpoint Air Photo

Greenwood Lake Airport (Airport Ident: 4N1) is a general aviation airport in West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey, United States. This public-use airport is owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. It covers an area of 150 acres and has one runway. An old Lockheed Constellation sits on the ramp infront of the terminal building. The aircraft is no longer flyable and has been built into the building and now serves as a pilot lounge and rental hall.

The Constellation

Someone was lucky enough to capture footage of the Connie landing at 4N1.

The Air Show

Every summer the airport is transformed from it's normal hub of local traffic to a grand event. Pilots and aircraft fly in from around the country, vendors set up shop along the ramp, and thousands of people stream through the gates to watch the Greenwood Lake Air Show. Days of action packed shows in the skies leave guests wanting more and enthused about aviation. This is a great opportunity for student pilots to meet the air show performers and learn more about what it takes to be a high level pilot. They can listen to their stories of how they rose from the private pilot's license to where they are in their aviation career now. Most performers hold commercial ratings and love to share their experiences. Students can also volunteer at the show to get a behind the scenes peak of how a large event functions.