Welcome to Sky Training, LLC, be prepared for your first visit with us.

Your First Visit

Once you've decided you are interested in learning to fly or renting one of our planes you are ready to stop in and check us out. You will discover more information and a helpful staff to assist you in your flying.
Introductory Flights and Air Tours do not have to provide the follow steps.

You should also fill out the Application for Enrollment and submit it before you come in.
Note: Introductory flights and Air Tours do not need to bring the following but should have photo ID

Student Pilots should bring: 
            1. Their Birth Certificate or a current Passport

            2. A valid photo I.D (Driver's License)

            3. A log book (If applicable)

Renter Pilots should bring:

            1. A valid photo I.D.

            2. A copy of their Pilot Certificate

            3. A copy of thier Medical Certificate

            4. Their Logbook

The Renter Policies, signed and completed.

The Aircraft Written