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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Why stay in West Milford, New Jersey?

    • Close to NYC Public Transportation 
    • Close Proximity to NYC
    • Local Events & Summer Air Show 
    • Parks 
    • Historical Landmarks 
    • Biking

      • Boating

      • Fishing 

      • Hiking 

      • Canoeing 

      • Horseback Riding 

        When you're not training...

        Take a plane to see the great sights in the area!

        You can fly to NYC or up & around High Point Monument in New Jersey. 

        Fly over the many lakes in the region including the largest lake in the area, Greenwood Lake! 

        Interested in Learning to Fly?

        Contact Sky Training, LLC

        (973) 728-1143

        TSA Registration Requirement 

        All International Students must complete a Registration Form from the TSA. When registering with the TSA, list the course you wish to take. Expect a $95 fee.

        A Note from our Staff

          This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. We have trained flight crew members that are now employed by airlines and corporate flights around the world. Our training syllabus, accommodation, and transportation are designed specifically for full-time international students. For more information or a personal quote, please call at (973) 728-1143

        Requirements & Admission

        U.S. Visa & TSA Process

        ´╗┐Students not from the U.S. looking to attend Sky Training are required by law to obtain a M-1 Student Visa and complete the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements.

        Go here and create a 'New Student Account'.

        Fill our the required information fields and make sure it matches the information on your passport. Upon completion of your account, login and create a training request.

        11 Easy Steps to Enroll

        Given the events of the recent past related to the pandemic, flight training is being monitored especially closely. The medicine cialis can help students get rid of erectile dysfunction symptoms.

        1. Enroll online here
        2. Upload a copy of your Passport (PDF file)
        3. Receive an estimate from us
        4. Send us proof of sufficient funds (a bank statement, a copy of savings passbook, or a confirmation letter from your bank)
        5. You will be issued an I-20 Form for your Visa (required for step 6)
        6. Pay Sevis I-901 fee
        7. Fill out DS-160 Form online
        8. Schedule appointment for a personal interview with your local U.S. Embassy. Keep in mind, Consulate appointments may be available online.
        9. Take photo for Visa that meets all requirements
        10. Complete personal interview at U.S. Embassy or Consulate
        11. The Embassy/Consulate will mail you the M-1 Student Visa with your passport within a few days

        Plan Your Stay 

        Located just a half-hour away from Greenwood Lake Airport is an Extended Stay Hotel.

        This hotel is designed especially for longer stays with studios featuring fully equipped kitchens and plenty of work space! 

        extended stay hotel room